Voss 2009: The differentiated understanding of gender-sex in the ancient world

Heinz-Jürgen Voß (2009): Das differenzierte Geschlechterverständnis der Antike. Gender, 2: S.61-74.

English Summary
The differentiated understanding of gender/sex in the ancient world

The article describes the social importance of gender in ancient societies and elaborates the differentiated gender theories of natural philosophy. In doing so, it rejects the common suggestion, which traces back to views of Thomas Laqueur, that these descriptions show a homogenous model, if “One-“ or a “Two-Sex-Model”. It encourages a more differentiated perception that makes clear that gender theories of natural philosophy as well as biology and medicine, are embedded and constructed in certain social contexts.

sex, gender, ancient natural philosophy, biology, medicine, one-sex-model, two-sex-model